Damien Connolly (Proprietor/Technician) worked as a certified sheet metal worker for many years and has vast knowledge of working with light gauge metals which gives him that leading edge when it comes to modern car body panels We would encourage anyone who has questions regarding PDR, and its advantages to contact us or indeed contact your local car dealer or panel beater.All reputable dealers and body shops now use PDR, today as it has become an integral part of their business.Typical Dents • Parking dents • Shopping trolley dents • Golf ball dents • Minor creases • Outward dents caused by objects falling against the inside panel • Any dent which hasn’t cracked the paint
The Dent Man technique is 100% environmentally friendly. We don't use any form of chemical, solvents, paints or electrical power. Our process is a manual craft obtained by Specialist Training using custom made hand tools. 98% of jobs can be done on site.. i.e. car park, work place, home, indoors or outdoors (weather permitting) while you wait.
Dent Man provides a unique mobile service. With prior arrangement we will repair your car at your local garage, place of work, your home or any convenient location. All PDR repairs will be carried out while you wait. Most minor dints and creases can be completed in less than one hour . Many customers are amazed by the repairs, and wish they had known about 'The Dent Man' sooner.
New and used car dealerships, fleet services, car clubs, rental car agencies and auto body repair shops use PDR to remove all minor dents, dings, and creases to increase the appearance and resale value of their vehicles. Saving time on repairs increases the profit on sales! So…the next time you buy a car, make sure the garage has all the dents removed for you before you drive away!!
The Dent Man is a mobile unit, which currently covers 10 counties in the North East and North West Ireland. The beauty of The Dent Man service is that we will come right to your door, or garage and give your car the treatment it needs to restore it to its original appearance.

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